XteriormX is a company that offers life experiences both in the workplace and in entertainment.  The security and tranquility of our users represents the priority of the business.

XteriormX´s Mission is to promote programs, methods, systems and activities that improve the physical, mental and economic ell-being of people. communities and the production plant; positively impacting quality of life.  Promote and disseminate good practices to reduce the risks that affect human health, the productive plant, the environment and the cultural expressions of our surroundings.

XteriormX´s Vision is to achieve recognition as an organization that, through its service, positively impats the individuak, community and labor productivity of the people with whom we work, as well as the projection of respect and care for the natural and cultural environment of our planet.

XteriormX´s Values are:

  • EXCELLENCE: We guarantee the achievement of our objectives, seeking to cause the greatest impact of our actions trough quality, continuous improvement and the optimization of our capacities and resources.
  • SAFETY: We employ positive and proactive attitudes on a daily basis that guarantee the physical and mental integrity of people.
  • PASSION: We develop our service with an inner strength that goes beyond our basic needs, since it causes us an intense emotion that we transmit inside and outside our organization.
  • LOYALTY: We defend and are faithful to our values, to our organization and to the people with whom interact on a daily basis to cultivate mutual trust.
  • PUNCTUALITY: We endow our personality with character by being on time to fulfill our obligations and commitments.
  • RESPECT: We recogniza, accept and value the qualities of our environment as well as their rigths.

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